Juicing…what the pulp?!


Juicing is a wonderful way to dose your body with an intense amount of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed since the fibrous barrier of the fruits and vegetables has been removed. Drinking the juices on their own or mixing in some Apple Cider Vinegar can be a great way to cleanse your system or make up for some less nutritious meals. However, what do you do with the pulp afterwards?

You can make quiches, like this one, veggie burgers, cakes, cookies, and more. Or you can simply dress it and eat it!! We love our pulp and spice it up a bit with some black pepper, sumac, vinaigrette or tahini, raisins, and some sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Eating this after juicing is a great way to fill up on fiber that is not carbohydrate laden. Your body will LOVE you and you will love your pulp!

*This recipe is vegan/vegetarian, dairy free, egg free and wheat/gluten free.