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This is the story of two vegan cooks.

Cook #1: Danielle

I grew up the child of two hippie parents who love to cook delicious vegetarian food. I always had the right to choose what I wanted to eat or not to eat, but meat never tempted me.  I had a short phase in college where due to the lack of protein available on campus, I gave in to trying chicken and that lasted less than 2 years. My dietary staple was still vegetables.

At home with my family I always loved being involved in food preparation… it’s part of our culture… but I didn’t really start coming up with my own recipes until I had a kitchen of my own…

I’ve been diabetic since age 13 and as a result have always been careful not to have too many carbohydrates or processed grains / sugars in my diet as they lead to sharp increases in blood sugar level. This avoidance has lead me to some creative solutions. Substituting pasta for steamed veggies, using cabbage or collards as sandwich wraps, and using frozen fruits to make delicious desserts are just a few examples.  My creativity combined with my husband, Cook #2’s knowledge of nutrients in foods, has led us to a balanced vegan diet that is both tasty and nutritious.

Not only has this cooking style helped me to stay in great control of my diabetes, it also helped me to return to my pre-pregnancy weight very quickly and to feel great year round! Our method of cooking tastes great, allows you to eat satisfying portions, and will lead to a healthier feeling you too!

Cook #2: Yaniv

One day I was at the library and I borrowed a DVD by Gary Null.  He talked about juicing and detoxifying.  It took me about 2 weeks until I watched it but after I did I said: WOW, food is very important.  It can’t just taste good but it has to have something called “NUTRIENTS”.  After that day I decided to give up all the unhealthy desserts, cookies, cakes and my favorite thing – Ice cream  🙁

I felt pretty positive about it and I was able to do this switch easily because it was my choice and not somebody else’s like… A Doctor?!

At the beginning I was very confused since that DVD didn’t include too much information.  I didn’t know what is really good for you or what’s bad for you. So I started reading more and more about nutrition.  I learned more about the relation between food and health and decided to start making my own food.  As a person that never knew how to make anything else but a simple sandwich or heat up frozen food I stepped into the supermarket and went straight to the veggies section.  I picked up a bunch of green leaves, broccoli and cabbage.  And then the story began…

After educating myself about the vitamins and minerals in foods and what the body really needs; it took me a while to find a balance between the information in the books and cooking a tasty and nutritious meal for myself and my family. As an athlete it almost immediately affected my performance and I felt more energy during and after workouts. Digestion of meat and dairy takes much longer then grains, beans, veggies and fruits; and having more energy makes good sense.

To stick to my new diet I had to learn my way around the kitchen. The first dish I cooked was a mess of steamed vegetables, nuts, and garlic with random spices from the spice cabinet. It was definitely edible, but not noteworthy.

Giving up all of my favorite treats was easy as soon as I started to come up with healthy ways to create them. I learned and developed different techniques and how to replace unhealthy ingredients with alternatives that can even improve your health. (For example, replacing ice cream with our frozen banana dessert, cheese with Nutritional Yeast, etc.)

I found that feeding my body the right “fuel” really improves performance. After over 3 years of eating this way I feel amazing and have great blood work results and athletic stamina to show for it!

Follow our recipes and see all the secrets that we’ve learned about how to make the food tasty and healthy. Feel free to make comments, ask questions and rate our recipes!

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